Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Figures

I was experimenting with Japanese-style linework here. Can't say I'm totally happy with the results, but well... next time!

I have a hard time with this model, but I like this face study I did! :)

Coming home

Dora and I went sketching in San Jose and here are the houses I drew. :)

Return to Paris

Upon my return to Paris, I present to you the Paris Statues Series. heh.

And a sketch of Pierre-Yves Plat (http://www.pierreyvesplat.com/). I traded him another drawing I did for a CD. Mmm barter economy.

Moving on

I drew this sketch from memory. It is a drawing I did in London, in the sketchbook I lost. This is a memory sketch both of the people and the drawing I did. Not the best drawing, but an interesting exercise! I did love this scene though: everyone is reading, except one dude, who is spacing out with an angelic smile on his face (I can still see him in mind's eye). He looked like he'd just gotten laid for the first time.

Here is a sketch of a church in Kiev.

Hannah and her Nanna on their way to Vienna

The most amazing countryside on my way to Vienna! And my compartment mates were Hannah (7) and her grandmother. Some very nice native Austrians. They fell asleep in the cutest manner so I had to draw them. I messed up the first drawing, so I went back later and drew other stuff on it. Something I learned in Paris.


A selection of my Viennese sketches.

End of Paris class

I wish I had my post-class Paris drawings. There was some cool stuff in there. Unfortunately, I lost that sketchbook in London. grr. Anyway, there's Giverny (Monet's Garden), a Siberian mammoth, and my Novelty Case Centre Pompidou drawing. Eclectic collection! :P

More Paris

Mid June stuff. The last two are drawings of Marta and Laura, two girls from Barcelona that asked us to draw them in Les Deux Moulins (that's right, the cafe Amelie worked in!)

Paris class sketches

Here are a couple to start us off. This is for June 2008. More to come later to show how I improved with time! :)