Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fun with figure drawing

So the other night we had a weird male model in figure drawing. He was this big fat guy who got in all these feminine poses! I was working hard on making him appear masculine, even making him all angular and such. Here's an example:

But he just kept prancing around like Cinderella at the ball... Except Cindy seemed to not only lose her dress, but also actually turn into a pumpkin herself! At the end, I decided to see through the globs of fat and draw him as he imagined himself to be:

Isn't that so much nicer?

You might make the argument that he only looks better there because I made him thinner... but here's another lady-version of him!

And here are two versions together, just for fun! Had a bit more time during that pose:

Overall, I had fun with it all. Actually drawing him as a woman helped me relax and loosen up and even my man-drawings of him got better! :)